my life in pix

Here’s what’s going on in my little corner of the world …
‘Course you can click on certain pix to see ’em big!
TIP: They’re the ones where the hand appears when you hover over ’em.


Spring ’08 :: Me with my new friend Audrey … Col ‘n Audrey at Law of Attraction workshop… at the Law of Attraction workshop ::

My spankin’ new biz card … Semi-precious stone jewelry … born out of an inspired early-morning photo-taking spree! ::
Anna with Patty and me … Patty and Anna and me on the trampoline! … isn’t she adorable? She made me laugh when she whispered “Barney dot com” to me in the computer room, when she knew she wasn’t supposed to be on that web site. So smart of her to whisper it … I was laughing my ass off!

Fall ’07 :: Whoa, was that Johnny Depp spotted with me at The White House on Halloween??? Halloween ‘07 Naw, Johnny doesn’t sound like 50 Cent, “I get money! money!” … that’s gotta be my new boyfriend. (Too bad he only lasted 6 months, he was fun!)

Stealin’ my new man’s clothes already … Hunny’s Duds … turns out he’s actually happy ’bout this and thinks it’s cute and sexy. So it’s a win-win! Cool! Here’s Kevin showing HE wears his OWN clothes! Kevin in his OWN clothes

Summer ’07 :: My brand new special-order dancin’ shoes came in … and I was sooooo happy! … an’ hey, look who’s on the box … Look, twins! … look like anybody we know? [Hint: you’re reading her blog, silly! You’re supposed to say that looks like me dancin’ on the box! Yup, that’s exaaactly what I look like when I’m dancing.] Too bad I had to send ’em back, I was stuck in a Goldilocks storybook where one was too big and one was too small … damn and they were so cute too … strappy sandals are the best! And so, the search continues and until then I dance in navy blue strappy sandals which look really nice but go with absolutely nuthin’!

I made a pretty new “I Love Someone with Autism” bracelet … for mothers of children with autism … for Tuesday night I convinced Brian to … salsa at Club 56 where we were told we should be on Dancing with the Stars, ha! … which was a hell of a lot more fun than it looks in this picture and then on Sunday I got to hang by the pool here at Hol's house … lucky me! And I almost forgot, on Thursday it was SPLATs all around for Stef’s birthday … three of us, where is Steph? … Here’s half of us … (the left half!) click to see all of us! …and here’s the other half … (the right half) It's not too late to click to see us all very big! … aah there’s the birthday girl in orange … Meanwhile, in Iceland … two of my favorite people

I … went kayakinged with Ingrid. Stephen and Rich couldn’t keep up, which is why you don’t see their kayaks in the picture. Wink wink.

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