Shine on, my shiny friends!

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Don’t hide your light under a bucket.

This took me nearly twenty years to learn! For my first two decades in business, I tried to always be “professional” at all costs … and, of course, I am still professional but my definition of that has changed.

Just a tiny little shift with big huge consequences.

My web site was always elegant but my “voice” was sorta like Charlie Brown’s teacher … y’know “blah blah blah.” All white bread and no flava! I wanted to be all things to all people … afraid of turning off some secret sector of society, the one I didn’t have the password for.

Actually, I did this equally in life and in business. I shone my light but maybe like a flashlight so I could hide it away if the wrong person was around, the one who wouldn’t appreciate the brightness.

And guess what? If guy sorta-ok is hanging around, do you think guy perfect-for-me is gonna show up? I think not!

Know what I say now? Shine your light, your very own unique and special light, the one with the sparkles and the special colors, the one all your own.

And if that turns somebody off, that’s PERFECT! Rejoice! Who on earth wants someone around who you have to go out and buy a dimmer switch for, huh? Not me!

If somebody wants to leave, you give them a hug and a big kiss and a sandwich for the road because they have just done you the biggest favor of your life. They have just cleared a perfect sized spot for the exact person who does resonate with you to fit right into.

The one who “gets” you … who appreciates your quirks and idiosyncracies … who laughs at your jokes and thinks you’re cute as hell when you’re doing the perfect impression of YOU!

~ by gigablonde on August 30, 2008.

6 Responses to “Shine on, my shiny friends!”

  1. This is so true! I know I’ve struggled with this so much. I always thought I was too enthusiastic, spirited, and even a little bit bubbly or most people to handle. I thought about my age and how I’m too young to be taken seriously. But it’s all just part of my charm- part of my light to shine to the rest of the world.

    I promise to shine on!

  2. What an incredible message for…well…EVERYONE.

    Your uniqueness, your light and your colors are all just as they’re intended to be. Some will “Love” them…Some won’t…So what…NEXT!!

    Shine it in whatever way that “feels” good and natural to you and you’ll attract those who it was intended to benefit.

    Thanks for sharing such a powerful message Col.

    I for one think your light is absolutely incredible and your willingness to “shine it” in the unique and awesome way that only you can, has, does and will continue to be a lovingly infectious contribution that so many will benefit from and hopefully more will “catch.”

    The world needs more like you.

  3. I love what you say. I struggled with trying to be everything to everyone all my life… I learned it’s just not living as your true spirit. I just want to be me… and anyone that wants to party is more than welcome…

  4. Nice one Col,
    dead right. we succeed in the moments of inspiration.
    We also succeed in the moments of love and peace which you demonstrate to all.


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  5. This is right on the money, Colleen. And it can be challenging when we’ve had years of training that conformity is a desired trait. After all much of schooling is just that – conformity training. So the impulse to be what others expect or prefer can be strong, but even worse it is often insidious and barely detectable (conscious).

    I think our feelings are the key – when we’re lettin’ it rip and just being ourselves it just flows – no resistance. It just feels easy and right. Anything less ain’t it! :o)

    Diversity is where it’s at and I am very grateful to be in a world where there is more diversity than I can even wrap my mind around. More to choose from! I love

    Thanks for your inspired sharing, Col. You rock! (Look out, Mick…)

  6. You are so on target! I used to be a dimmer switch depending on who I was around. No more!

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