Mini-miracles abound!

Believe in Miracles
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I would encourage everyone who lives and breathes to be on the lookout for the mini-miracle. I’m tellin’ ya, if you look closely (and sometimes not so closely) they’re EVERYwhere, people!

It doesn’t take a special person to have them, it takes only the willingness to be open to seeing them.

The mini-miracle is like a tiny little gift which an angel plopped down on your lap at just the right moment. And I’ve noticed that living in anticipation of them … and truly, truly believing … I mean on a heart level, where you just know like you know like you know that they exist … living in this place of expectation just attracts them like mad!

They love this place!

Today I plunked my open-topped bag on the back seat of my mom’s car … After the fact I recall having had this sensation that doing this was not the best idea in the world but sometimes we ignore those little precursor, tragedy-averting sensations, don’t we? 😉

Well, ten seconds into the ride I hear “plop!” and then “chinka, chinka, chink!” as my bag fell over face-first onto the floor, completely upside down. Open-topped bag, remember? Open-topped bag.

‘Course my first thought was, “Oh no!” I said, “I just heard my bag fall down and everything came out of it.”

Mom says, “I think it’s ok, I don’t think it fell.”


Me, “Naw, it definitely fell.”

Me (reframing the experience), “Maybe there’s something I was supposed to find in there.”

Well, as God-or-fate-or-the-Universe-or-whoever-you-happen-to-believe-in would have it, when I went back to pick up my bag, yes it was fully on its head … everything had plopped out in a neat little upside-down plop (very easy to put back in, actually, because the bag was right over the little mountain of “stuff” keeping it in place on the floor) … and the ONE thing that had fallen away from the pack was this lip gloss I used to use every single day (my friends will attest to the fact that I am a lip-gloss addict) … which I had “lost” … and there it sat, waving up at me, “here I am, here I am, didja miss me?”

I laughed because why did I say, “Maybe I’m supposed to find something in there” right? That’s just the way of the universe and the way of mini-miracles.

Kinda like Santa Clause, you just have to believe. Believe it and you will see it. Like a tiny piece of magic.


~ by gigablonde on August 21, 2008.

4 Responses to “Mini-miracles abound!”

  1. Col,

    I absolutely love this concept of mini miracles and I will be on the lookout starting today.

    On the big miracle front- meeting you. Clearly you and I must write a book together one day, you know that right? Or host an incredible video series?

    Thanks for being as wildly abundant as you are!

    – Carter

  2. One of “Santas” elves just “loves” your wit and writing style and is grateful that you share it in the way that only you can do.

    Your little insights are powerful.

  3. Greetings Col,
    beautiful and deliciously written.
    I am ure you live life wit hthe same exuberance in which you write.

  4. Col, you are growing so much. I’m loving your blogs.

    I too am choosing to see evidence of good everywhere!

    And you’re the second person today who has advised ‘let your light shine”!

    piles of love


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