Please don’t vex the animals

Don’t Feed The Animals

Nothing needs fixing; everything desires A Celebration. You were made to bend so that you could discover all of the many Miracles at your feet. You were made to stretch so that you could find Your Own Beautiful Face of Heaven just above all that you think you must shoulder.”

Happier Than God, Neale Donald Walsch

I have been wading through some naaaaaasty shit this week, dang! I have been challenged by two specific people and each time I bring myself back to peace and love and appreciation, it’s rejected and another piece of nastiness is tossed at me … or so it seems, in this silly human experience I am having on this planet called earth!

 I do realize- all of this is my story about it.

And I know that, in truth, each is a gift … an opportunity to learn. Puh-leeeeease God, do I have to learn SO MUCH?!!! 😉 “Are we there yet?”

Ok so learning, learning, what did I learn? I realize each person is a mirror at best so when I’m ready, I will look at my judgment of what they’re doing to hurt me and see what truths lie therein for myself.

When have I been hurtful in that same way and what can I do to repair that?

I’m not quite ready to go there yet, still in pain mode. The closest to looking in the mirror that I can come at this moment is the acknowledgement of this all being a big fat Schoolhouse-Rock lesson to me and the knowledge that I need to not let the craziness of others affect me.

A friend of mine once sent me a sign, “Don’t feed the animals” … reminding me to be careful … sometimes when you respond and respond and respond to craziness and negativity, even in an endeavor to be kind and loving, you may be feeding into it.

Rich pointed out to me that, in an effort to not hurt the other, I keep replying and attempting to explain. But when you’re explaining into the void of someone else’s disease, you can talk until kingdom come and they’re not gonna hear you.

We’ll call that Lesson Number One.

One of the animals pointed out to me that I may throw in the towel on men too quickly. Aaaah, yes, the ring of truth. In this instance, I was not doing that but it is certainly worth noting … I do *definitely* do that and will be on the lookout for it in myself. Cool what you can learn from the animals.

You always need to look at what they’re saying to you, even the most heinous one, and ask, “Is this true?”

Therein lies Lesson Number Two.

And as for lessons three through twenty-three, I know that they will unfold all in due time. I celebrate the lessons and thank the teachers, maddening as they may be at times! Bring it on!

At the very same time that this madness was occurring, I received this e-mail from one of my clients:

“I am learning much from you! I really mean that. You are truly a role model for me, your clarity is honorable and I respect that so much … You are a power of example for me and I LOVE working with you!!!”

And so I remember …

“There is only one way to experience yourself as The Light, and that would be to find yourself in darkness. There is power in opposites. Endeavor to see the appearance of the ‘opposite’ as your first indication that Personal Creation is working flawlessly.

At every moment of difficulty and challenge in your life you have a choice: opposition or composition. To repeat: You can either oppose that which you are experiencing, or compose that which you choose. Compose what you choose.

Now, thanks to the Law of Opposites, you have a context within which to experience it. And that is the greatest thing the universe could ever give you.”

Happier Than God, Neale Donald Walsch

 Happier than God

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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~ by gigablonde on June 9, 2008.

No Responses Yet to “Please don’t vex the animals”

  1. Colleen..I admire your courage to ask the questions and be the watcher in your life. I remember what Marianne Williamson says..kinda goes like this: There are 2 things that will bring up the darkness in other people, your darkness and YOUR LIGHT…you radiate so much light, it’s bound to happen….please keep on shining tho..we need you 🙂
    love your way…

  2. Very nice. I often “forget” about the mirror part. Especially when I am sure it is my husband that is causing all my troubles for that moment. LOL It is always later that I see that he does what I do and it frustrates me.

    Your post was so insightful and I appreciate that. It’s a keeper in my book.

    Have a great day!

  3. Wow, I found you through the WWFM link on Shannon’s site. Your post title jumped out at me. It could have been a page out of my book recently. Would you mind if I copy some of your words to share with some members of my club. We are in the deep dark depths of negativity right now and your words were so well written. Please leave me a comment on my blog letting me know if I can quote you or copy your statements. Well said! Hang in there, there is a lesson and there is a brighter side on the other end.

  4. Dang, I hate it when someone hurts me in some way, and then I come to realize that I do the same thing to others every day. I’m having stuff mirrored to me every day here lately. I keep thinking “Enough already, God.”

  5. Your words are so true!

    “That which is like unto itself is drawn.”

    I need that reminder today!

  6. I love mirrors like you!!!! Mmmm… the law of opposites… what i need to remember about that is that when I see the beauty in others hence the mirroring thing, that too is a relection of myself, but like stopping to smell the flowers I sometimes don’t stop long enough to see the beauty in all because I am so busy reacting…as someone once said to me as this person cut in front of us at a store “where is everyone going is such a rush” Big Hugs S.

  7. Great article, thanks for your comments on my Four Guys at the theater piece. This is a really great blog

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