Rumination is a big issue for me.

When something is going on in my world, I relive it again and again and again (dozens of times) in my mind. It’s like a cauldron of yukky stuff I’m taking a bath in. Ouch!

Yesterday I tried sending love to the person involved and shifting focus to another topic only to find my mind back there shortly thereafter, almost effortlessly and without even realizing it. This love-send-then-shift was good at first but then it became aggravating because I was starting to lose patience with myself after about the twentieth time.

Time for a new plan.

I tried out the word “compartmentalize” … picturing this stack of cubbies … picking the person up, putting them back into their cubby and closing the door on it. This works pretty well because I can actually laugh a bit as I see them scurry out of their cubbyhole and say, “Hey! How’d you get outa there?” … with a little bit more affection as I send them love.

I can even kiss them on the head before putting them back in and shutting the door.

I suspect I’m gonna have to continue working on this, as the pain I feel from rumination is quite intense but I’d say it’s a pretty good start.

Bunny said:

“I want to be evidence that there truly is hope that it can be done. We really can live spirit based, open-hearted, non-reactive – or at least if not non-reactive then committed to a quick willingness to do ‘the work,’ whatever form that takes, to get back on track.”


~ by gigablonde on February 11, 2008.

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