Snowflakes ‘n surfboards, it’s August in January!

Ok so I’m just a tad  bit late posting my Surfers Healing vid. Kinda like Christmas in July only in reverse. Blame it on a long-needed technology break.

I made the video the very night we got back from the beach but after all that gleeful work the final export crashed and burned, as techie things oft do, so I needed a little breathing space. Happily I am no longer in the corporate world so I can afford myself such luxuries as wiggle room and breathing space. Aaaaah, the joys of not being strapped to a laptop nine to five.

(… or to be more precise, nine to five AM-the-next-morning,  as my friends would be more than happy to remind me).

So five months later and voila! I’m all refreshed and ready to unveil Anna’s nearly-celluloid debut! Enjoy!


~ by gigablonde on January 5, 2008.

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