Dancin’ to a diff’rent drummer

Hmm, let me try ‘n make it brief (gooood luck, Col! Wink)

Long and bizarre story but I can’t take the pain meds for a week so OUCH Mr Payne is here parked on my head in a stretch limo but I’m not partying with him, I’m up and doing what I need to do and attempting to ignore his champagne-drinking ass! Hope he ties one on and then turns in early!

They got rid of this toxic mold, it was determined that I’ve been sick because of it … I’m still very ill … wondering if other things are also involved or perhaps it just got so bad that it will take a long time to resolve itself … I spent a week away from the house which I guess wasn’t enough time to get well, silly me I had thought I would feel better when I was elsewhere! Not so, not so!

Been doin’ LOTS o’ work at the house … just YESTERDAY while clearing a closet at the OTHER end of the house, where they said they found NO mold, I found mold absolutely ENGULFING one of my art portfolios, it was COVERED with mold of all sorts, white fluffy mold and black mold and even this funky YELLOW mold (yellow??) and was just the most horrendous looking stuff … so far gone … how could they not have picked that up on their indicators? I had said that I felt something was wrong in that area and they had said “no.” Anyway, glad to know this and to be able to address it.

Ok so this is not brief. Big surprise! Wink  

I am *so* in go-go-go mode, so in addressing-it mode, super-motivated, feeling really good about it, sure Mr Payne is having a blast but I am feeling really happy which is weird but good. I am getting rid of so much stuff that I didn’t need and clearing and I think I needed to clear. If Mr Payne wasn’t so bad I wouldn’t have had the pressure to do this. He’s a big motivator.

So I’m doin’ the Payne Dance, which is sorta like the reverse rain dance Laughing


~ by gigablonde on September 7, 2007.

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