Col’s Juicy List of 10 Daily Rituals

1. motion ::  gym … dance … tennis … walk … personal home movement (only I know what that is! 😉

2. connect in person with intelligent life form ::  see a friend … go somewhere … do something out in the delicious world

3. drink drink drink  ::  3 sporty curvy 23 oz bottles of refreshing yummy water with fiber in one of ‘em

4. thank challenge for the gift it is on the verge of bringing into my life

5. wake with “thank you” for there is always something to say that to

6. compliment someone / bless someone / love the unlovable

7. dance to life with music that makes me happy to be in this world and which makes me want to skip and play

8. be inspired by an Abraham-Hicks card

9. one load of laundry

10. five minutes of hot-spot prevention  

Hmm … which of these gems can I commit to truly and deeply and love and hug and frolic with oh so joyfully? There are actually a lot of them which I would like to fully commit to. I already do some of them daily, like 5 and 7. What a big diff those make in my morning, like night and day, right?   

Which ones would benefit me the most intensely and impactfully? I see I just made up that word because Outlook is underlining it, yaay me for making up a cool word! I’d say 10 and 6 and hmm let’s throw 3 into the mix just for fun!



~ by gigablonde on July 20, 2007.

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